Tuesday, July 15, 2014

You need a little bit of insanity..

 The cabinet is mostly complete.. there will be a front "door" of sorts that I'm hoping I can get made. One of my friends friends does some laser cutting and I'm hoping I can have a design I made cut into it. We'll see if that happens but either way I have a backup plan if need be. My wife told me it was too much and I understand but I don't think it's that crazy as I'll get into in a bit. Don't we all need a little insanity from time to time?

The deck is just sitting on the display at the moment as I was testing the height. Around 2" seems to be decent, though I might go up to 2 1/2 to  give it a little more. Nothing else should be down there other than some flocking or fake cloud stuff .. leaning toward clouds, something different this year.
 The cabinet is completely built except for that door (as I mentioned above). I need to paint it and I'll probably add some designs to the sides... depending on time I suppose. Added the shelf and then added the sheet metal to the top.
 The display board will be magnetized so I'll be able to remove it or put whatever I want up there down the road. If it has magnets it's sticking haha.. I didn't glue it down, just made brackets and screwed them down. That way it's removable in case I would ever want to replace it or just take the metal off there. I hate cutting metal, well at least with a scroll saw and snips. If you are using sheet metal use gloves!.. If I learned anything from shop class back in the days it was that and I always do... 8)
 Here is a pick of it holding all my gear. Battlefoam 720 box, a decent cooler and my standard backpack which will hold most of my books and what not. There is still a little room here and there in case someone else needs to store something thought that might be taken up by the VIP bag. 8)..  So here is what I was saying, it's really not that crazy when you think of carrying your displayboard by hand then having no place to put it. You will also be toting your army bag most likely and possibly other bags as well so you are pack mule'n it all over the place. This will make it easier to move around for sure. I was a little worried about the casters only being 2" but it seemed to moved pretty well on the thicker carpet as well. You have to pay attention but it moved smoothly. Sometimes I do get a little nervous about it though.. is it really too big? Will it be a pain to move around? I really don't know.. I will probably look a bit nuts but our hobby is all about that right? We paint little dude mens then move them around on a make believe battlefield haha..  I think the cooler I make it look the less weird it will seem.. in my mind at least. Maybe I'm wrong 8) .. Other guys had work carts there last year and they all said it was a great, or maybe they too were crazy. I guess that remains to be seen!
I traced out all the steps I need to cut, I was hoping I could hold the card stock together to cut three at a time with the scroll saw but without gluing them together that isn't going to happen. the middle piece will have to be cut out to hold the grating so they will be a little different and the bottom piece will have a piece of transparency paper clear coated then attached to diffuse the light. Yeah I want to light each step..
I should be able to start concentrating on the the displayboard itself now which is cool, I know what I want it to look like and now I'll be able to start seeing it come together. Hopefully. A month and a half remain.