Tuesday, May 29, 2018

I'm actually quite ........ alive

Hey all! .. long time no talk.. or write.. or whatever you want to say. But I'm actually still alive it's just been a really hectic few months for me. I'm moving! And it happened much quicker than I was figuring so I had to get the old house ready and then get all the stuff ready for the new one...

And to make things more hectic we are moving out of state and having the house built. It took about two months to get the old house ready and to our surprise it sold in two weeks! Which in one way was awesome but in another ... we are now currently homeless hahaha...  We are staying with a friend until the house is done which is actually come up soon... June 15th we settle and can start to move in!!!  can't wait..

I brought paints to try to work on some stuff but it just wasn't possible .. Once we move in I won't be able to ramp right up though. The new house has a basement which will pretty much be my domain but I have to finish it out. So it will probably a July time frame for me to be back at the table and getting stuff done. Which is going to be a rush for this years Nova..  haha .. why would I expect anything less 8)..  this year no super display boards though sadly..  I'm not going to have the time but next year I'll have more dedicated space and then look out haha..

 This will be the hobby area..
And this the Woodworking shop..  oh yeah!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Banged up but I'm good..

 Hey all,.. A little more work on the Sicaran.. I'm pretty happy with hows it's progressing. I got some more layers of enamels applied and start on some of the oils. The tracks for a good bit of love with layers and some of the wear makes. I'll probably do a little more streaking on it but they are close.
 I added the purple and red lens and they are almost done. I have the tiniest of OSL on the edges .. I don't want it to be much. I'll add a little purple to the gun shields as well.
 The other areas got some more layers as well and some oil streaking but not too much so far.
 I think the auto cannons/turret came out looking good.. I'm happy with the bone colors and the rust and grime on the guns. Pretty much just the water streaks on the turret.

So over all it's close.. I need to powder up the stacks and the base some more but it's getting there. I'll also be adding oil streaks to the body of the tank... I usually use raw umber and blue to give it some color variation and then white for water streaking..  one more painting session and I should be done.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

New to Old

 Worked a little more on the Sicaran and the Leviathan .. They both need their heavy weathering so I figured I figured I'd finish them up together. I mostly just have the first few layers of rust and much on the treads. I did hit some of hull but that wasn't really what I was working on.
 As the tracks were drying I also worked on the guns .. I wanted to get the base weathering down and ready.
 The Lev's arms got a few coats as well. I start with a few base layers .. now that the base is down I'll be adding layers to make it have a lot of variance and depth. When I'm done I usually have around 10 layers of weathering .. not including the powders oils.
I'm also working on putting together the Nids from the Deathstorm box ..  I'm going to build them up and paint them then I think they are going to go up on eBay .. I'm trying to clear out models I don't plan to play..  I have SOOOOO many models that are just sitting here! .. time to clear up some of it haha