Monday, August 14, 2017

I heat up, I can't cool down...

 The Knight is taking shape... I didn't get him done like I had hoped this weekend but I did get a lot done. I got the Contemptor glued down along with the legs of the Knight. It was some work to get it lined up right but I got it to look pretty good.
 I started to work on the details like the eyes and hoses. Went with heat fatigue on the hose to add some color and pop. I still have some highlights to do on the brass then I have to start with the weathering and the tarnishing of the brass. I started to test the tarnish on the legs guard brass bits. I'm pretty happy with the look. Now I need to do it for the rest.. a lot of brass haha..
 The Torso isn't attached to the legs yet.. I'll wait till I have the weathering done.
 I think he's looking pretty cool.. I'm going to add some leaking fluid from the Contemptor as well ..
 I also need to powder it up....  mainly it will be soot and some light dirt to the feet and legs.
I'm hoping to have him done by Tuesday night... I want to have the final two weeks to work on the displayboard .. I'm going to need it! But the tarnishing takes awhile ..  I like the way he's looking now so I'm going to go a little lighter on the grime then I did on the Legion vehicles. I figured the standard humans would still clean their vehicle every now and then. 8)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Talk to the union rep...

 Over the past week I've gotten more of the Displayboard aka my trial o torture finished up. The lights are now completely run and wired and all I need to do is get the final programming done. Thankfully Scott is working on that 8) .. for one that's not my bag and two I still have a ton to get painted and done. The landing pad is still cycling but the door lights and runners need to be finished up.

Here's another Video <<<< Click Here

 The Gantry and tie in piece is almost completely finished up but now I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I was going to go with a rock look on the back and side walls but with everything in place the working area is tight and would be insane to work on .. I started cutting and measuring some rock molds I made and I wasn't feeling good about it. Last night I put some deep thought into it and I have a new plan but it's going to require some reworking. Or at least more designing.. I've still got some time so I think I should be solid, this weekend it will be a trip to the Art Store for some of the stuff I think I'm going to need.
 I had the main top deck figured out but with the changes it may have to change.
Sadly I mis cut the battlement section so I have to recut it so I can attach the top cover around the rim.
I also got most of the brass one the Knight.. I'm going to work on his arm and chain sword. I want to get all the blended areas done so I can start to put him together and start the weathering. I'd rather have him together for that part so I know where the grime is going to build up more. A little less then three weeks to go now. Hopefully I can have the Knight done by this weekend or early next week so I can than put a ton of effort into wrapping up the display.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Down to the Details..

 Last night I got some solid work done on the Knight. I played around with some designs and settled on these. Kiavahr is a Forgeworld of sorts and is so tightly bound to the Raven Guard that they even keep certain designs from Mars. I figured they'd rock the RG sysmbol to represent.
 Since I was going with the RG symbol and that was going to be paint I decided to go all paint. I figured it would have a better look with it anyway. I slapped on a quick later of brass on to the edges to get a complete look. Needs another layer and then I'll blend out to a highlight of gold.
 I went with a Mechanicum design on the leg guards.
 Most of the designs are done on the main plates.. now I just need to finish up the details and start to add the weathering grime.
 I also freehanded the SoH eye on his gorget .. I think it came out pretty decent ..
 I need to finish cleaning up the scrolling and he's done.
I probably shouldn't have taken the picture on the foam ... it through the colors all off haha ...  oh well. The Knight is progressing along!