Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Chop chop bang

 The 20 Assault Marines are finished up, I was rocking and rolling and pretty happy with how these guys turned out. It's crazy how much work has to go into the Jetpacks, it's like they are a separate model in and of itself haha
 I really wanted them to have a lot of implied motions and I think they look pretty solid.
 The first squad has the red accented bases..
 A little look at the Sarg's Jetpack .. This squad has a Talon..  It's a nice weapon but it really just is because it looks cool haha

 The second squad has the yellow accents and he's rocking a power sword just to mix it up..
 I played around with the sword to make it look a little different and I think it came out pretty cool.
 The guys are a little more beat up and haagpaag .. looking like they are taking gear from where ever they find it. Their poses are also more motiony ..

Over all I think they came out pretty cool. I may hit them up with another panel line shadow but I don't think it's really necessary but would add a little more depth. I think they should be able to function as 10 man or combined for a 20..  I probably should have made an extra guy to replace the second sarge but ahhh.. forgot haha

Now I'm working on new addition to the displayboard, I've been cutting it and it's almost complete cut atm .. though wholly crap I went a bit nuts for the time I have available. It's huge and it will have around 200 more LEDs ..  argh ..  who needs sleep right?

A quick pic of it partly together..
Still need to cut a few more pieces and then the painting will begin .. then a butt ton of wiring ... argh..

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Sock Fail

 Hey all.. been another long stretch since the last update but I have been working here and there when I've been able. Nova is now three weeks away and I'm really under the gun, down to the wire, add whatever time crunch line you'd like ... I GOT NO TIME. This is the first time I've really thought about not pushing through ... but I'm putting in as much table time as I can from now to Nova to see if I can get what I need done done..
 The 20 assault marines are getting close to be being done. I put in some time to make them look very fluid and have a unique pose. I'm pretty happy with them.. I meant to take some pics of all of the bits I was using as it looked crazy. It was so many pieces.
 10 of the marines I used Dark Fury bodies and shoulders and the other 10 are mostly a mix of many pieces. I really wanted them to look piece meal and like the were scrounging whatever they could find.
 I needed a way to hold my models as I don't want to attach them to the bases yet until the bases are done. I pinned all the models and make a box to hold them. This made it easier to hold them and spray them.
 I wanted to chip and scratch the swords to show battle wear and tear. Yes.. that is a sock haha .. I needed something to protect the model so I should spray chipping and then spray black/gray. Don't worry it was clean.. and was old .. and then got thrown away...

 You might be able to see the wear on the swords but the models have a layer of gloss clear drying on them. Acyrlic blending is done and most of the other details are done. I have to paint the power claws and power sword but other then that it will be the weathering.
It wouldn't be Nova prep if there wasn't a ton of masking I needed to complete.
This is part of the stuff for the new additions to the display .. hopefully I have the time to get it completed ... 8(
Also masked the bases..
Hit the terrain with steel and then rusted some areas then cleared them. All prep for the chipping.
Added color sections to the bases so I could keep track of the different squads.. 10 red and 10 yellow.
And some of the chipping .. I added black to and red to some of the bits and started to chip. I'll of course add weathering and I'm thinking of add icons .. we'll see 8)

Time is running out... hopefully I can get this all done ..

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Think you can buff that out?

 So the Spartan is almost done, I have a few more details to clean up and I might tone down the white streaking a little. I think it's a little more then I'd like but I keep going back and forth on it haha.. I don't know. I have some camo netting I might try to use but this weekend I realized it's only about 3.5 months to Nova. That might not seem like it's close but I got a lot to do haha
 It's glued together now and the LAS are Mag'd..
 The stacks are heavy sooted..
 The tracks are heavily weathered and chipped.. I did glint up the edges a bit which might need a little more. Again.. I'm back and forth haha

 Added some weathering to the AdMech.. didn't realize the light was all up in the picture .. whoops 8) .. I also started on the liquid in the vials up on top of his back. I'll probably concentrate on getting him wrapped up.
 What is this! A Death Guard guy? Don't worry.. it's just poor goon that got torn in half when he stepped up to the Raven Guard Dreadnaught .. 8) .. the Dread will be carrying him in his right hand. I need to find a spine of some sort if anyone has seen a model out there let me know. I also need a Space Marine out of armour .. Part of the display stuff I'm working on. So if you have any leads let me know.

 The last part of the post is my new paint setup. I've been working on these displays for a while and they are done. I've wanted to have a modular paint rack with removable trays to hold all of my damn paints. I know I have too much but hey.. what can you do..
 The trays are completely removable and can be placed at different heights.
 I also made the thin drawers as well as the larger ones at the bottom like my tiered design. This is two of the racks side by side and it holds all my paint with a ton of room to spare! Boooyah ..

I've been telling some people about it and they asked me to post up some pictures. We are going to put a new Kickstarter for this Rack and some other racks plus a bit box solution. So .. I'll post up the link when it goes live ..