Friday, October 5, 2018

A little Captain in ya..

 DreadTober is on and I'm finally feeling a bit better.. Sunday night I could feel it coming on and it's still here.. but last night during the Hobby Hangout I at least got most of the modeling done .. well at least the basic modeling ... he's got a little Captain Morgan like pose going on .. right now the shoulders are just pinned in but not glued.. I have to mess around with the position still..
 I had Furioso Dread claws I bought a long time ago and figured they would look good on the Raven Guard Dread.. then it made me think what else should I add to it .. So I had some old Death Guard Termies I had sitting in a box so I thought it would be cool to have the Dread carrying a ripped apart Termie..
There is a pin where his arm was and there will be one in his torso that I'm going to green stuff some bone and gore coming out.. I figured it would look cool.. hopefully. Its a lot more work then I was originally thinking haha.. so hopefully I can get it all wrapped up..

I'll also be going through some of the pictures of DreadTober today to write up a first week wrap up...

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

DreadTober is upon us!

Hey all,. I quickly mentioned it yesterday but I updated the DreadTober Page to represent this years event. It's been going on now for 4 years and this year Joel (Mordian) and I are going to be handling the updates and what not.

If you are interested in working on a Dread / Walker / MC during the Month of October and what to join in with a group of us all working on one and posting up.. please do. Greg (Greggles) and I came up with the idea 4 years ago at the Nova Open thought it would be a great to get more people talking and spark up new conversations!

So.. join us...

and here a few banners if you want to show some DreadTober love..

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Be cool or be cast out

 Some more work on this dude.. I played around here and there trying to figure other colors out but blended the metallics which I'm pretty happy with right now. The knee guards came out solid..
 I also blended out the shoulders and back spine piece thing .. it looks cool but who would really put that back there haha .. The one part I'm still figuring out is the back piece of the gun. I didn't want it to just be a fully brass/gold gun so I painted it to patch his armor and that looked terrible. So I went with bone.. terrible. I started to go purple but didn't feel like that was going to do it either so I'm going to go with more of a heat fatigue on it and I think that should be cool. Like the energy chamber is supa hot.
 The purples are almost completely done as well so there is only the piece on the gun.. a small punch on his belt and some cording on the spine thing. And the base needs to be wrapped up but either way he'll be done this week. Now I'll need to get his squad all built up. My Son's Birthday party is this weekend so more hecticness has already been added to the week.
I'm pretty happy with this guy and makes me want to get his squad done so I can get a Kill Team game in though I have no idea when that will actually happen haha..  'shrugs'

On another note... it's almost October or should I say DreadTober!!! This year I wasn't going to do it because of the amount of work it requires to put in but Joel from Mordian is going to assist in putting it together. Sorry for the late notice.. I'll be putting together more info today and will make a specific DreadTober post as well as bringing the DT Blog back online .. Get those dreads ready!