Friday, July 25, 2014

Bag'n it

 I ordered some Battlefoam stuffs during the 4th of July sale and they just came in. I picked up a Malifaux bag and I'm pretty happy with the load out and extras built in. One of the flaps opens up to a section that holds your book, decks and other assorted stuffs..
 Assorted stuffs..
 The bag has three trays.. two already cut and one you can pluck.. not too bad,,
Plus it was on a bigger sale .. 
But the main thing I was ordering was trays.. I wanted a tray to hold my Crimson Hunters and since I'll be taking them to Nova they will get some use pretty quickly. I also picked up a Stormraven tray.. the flyers are the hardest to transport usually (due to size and shape)..

No work got done last night .. I haven't felt all the great for the past few days so yesterday I went to bed pretty much as soon as I got home from work.. I got some sleep and feeling a little better now but still feel like I could go back to sleep..