Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lightning strikes..

 Last night I started playing around with the fades I'm going to use on the bikes. I didn't work on them too long as I wanted to watch the 5th Stage of the Tour (which was crazy) but I did at least get them started. As I've been looking at everything I think some of the bikes will be cut out of the 2K list so I don't think I'll need as many as I'm working on and for that reason I'll most likely be concentrating on the Farseer conversion. I want the Seer's bike to stand out a bit so want to go with a slightly brighter fade .. I was playing around with where the fade will start and end plus the colors I wanted to use. It might not look like a ton but it was a couple of different repaints and I like the blends on the rear of the middle bike. The front sections are still a little to separate so I'll smooth that blend a bit more then work on the design I want to add on. I have two different ideas and I'll be trying both to see what actually looks better on the mode.
Once that's done I'll start on the Bike's details then the rider. The Plastic Farseer and Autarch came in last week so they are ready for the conversion.
Not this Saturday but the next I'll be playing in a Demo Infinity thing Sean will be running at Chucks Comics. I told Sean I'd come out to support the demo day and play a few games to boot. For it I want to actually get my Penthesilea model painted up. I've had her sitting around for awhile now and I want to get her done. It's an awesome looking model so should be fun. Just can't take too long 8) .. I've got a ton of other things to get done! She'll pretty much have the same color scheme as the few Infinity Alpeh models I've painted so far.