Friday, July 11, 2014

Doing what needs doing..

 The Ranger is almost done, he just needs some of the final detail blending in some spots. Gems and the Backpack will also get some finishing as well.. but I'm pretty happy with him so far.
 The base will also need some work as I've only really textured it. Saying all that it should only a little bit to complete.
 I had grey in my airbrush for something else so I also started the cloaks on the other Rangers that need to get done. Then as I was using gun metal I also did a bit on their guns.. usually how I roll.. I hate to waste paint so I'll switch over to something that needs that color as well 8)
I also got some of the card stock pieces cut out, ..
 This will be the rough shape of the stairs, I picked up a bunch of DE bits for the mesh design plates that I will be putting in the middle so there will be some finer details in there. The part that will take a bunch of time will be that I have to cut three pieces for each step and then cut out the sections for the grate and the middle piece will be a rectangle for the grate to sit in .. times that by eight .. sheesh..
 I'll also be adding in some of the etched leaves I picked up so it won't be so DE looking.. just a leaf or two should break it up I think.
And also cut out the center shape, I don't recommend gluing the pieces together if you are using an Xacto knife. It's tough! cut them first and then glue them or use a scroll saw like I should have done. I wasn't really thinking about that as I was doing it until almost done..  I might be cutting another and if I do it will be the scroll saw fo sho!