Wednesday, July 2, 2014

There's going to be a showdown..

 This past week I've been able to get in two games of Malifaux, the more I play the more I know the rules and makes it easier to play. Last night I played a 40ss game against Josh, his first time using Jacob Lynch and it was my first time playing against them so it took some getting use to. I've been trying to stick with Sonnia to really get her crews abilities down though I've been adding in a new model each time. Last night I used the Witchling Handler for the first time and wow is she useful! Getting that extra movement is very nice and her push abilities are very useful.. Last night I pulled out a 10 to 3 victory, Josh clumped up three of his models early on and Sonnia made him pay .. It was a fun game and the rules are coming much quicker.. I really am enjoying the game..
 Last Friday I got in a game against Sean's McMorning crew and pulled out a 7 to 4 victory in our 35ss game. I've been using one Death Marshal in the crew replacing the totem, having that pine box is quite useful and sometimes makes the difference 8)..
Last night I picked up the Latigo Posse so now I'll have all the main Guild boxes and can mix and match a bit more. I'll probably give the posse a go as well but I Sonnia is definitely my favorite play style.