Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Plans.... change..

 Last night was a frustrating one, I had ideas of how it was going to be built but as I started working on assembly I realized that wasn't going to work.. so I had to completely change how I was going to build it..
 I started gluing the metal to the base with Gorilla Glue.. I've never used the original glue before but when they say it expands they aren't kidding. It's pretty close to expanding foam and it started to ooze out. So as I worked on other stuff I had to keep coming back to wipe off the extra. Took like an hour to get the glue off my hands, I used a ton of cleaners but they were still tacky... whoot.
 Once the sheet was dry I started to glue tie downs for the lights. I usually wrap back and forth around the area that will be getting the lights. I also need to get more AA batteries so in the pictures below only one strand is lit..
 I drilled holes through the decks and will run them through the PVC to light the steps. Originally I was going to use dowels as supports but as I need to run lights up this will hide them and let me pass them through  the sections.
 Straight supports was looking plain so I also cut rings to give the columns a base. Just makes it look more real to me..
 I cut out all the steps and was working on cutting out the interior sections as pieces were drying ..
 Even with only one strand lit it looks pretty bright. I'll also be running a white strand in the middle to give it a break up of color. Well that's the plan at least haha.. if it looks nutty I'll just stick with the blue..
I also cut out the center section to light the symbols ,.  It's moving along but it is not going smoothly haha..