Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Full Mag..

 Last night I started working on this guy.. no idea who or what he is haha..  But that's all good, it's not for me. I told Sean I'd paint up one of his Infinity guys for his birthday so this is the guy he chose. And he gave me one that has the fun of painting a plaid pattern on his loin cloth haha.. He showed me a pic of some of his existing guys so going with that color scheme for him. After I blend the red squares I'll go back in with some gold lines to finish it off. I also have a good bit of work to do on the armor.
 I sprayed the blue pieces silver first and then cleared them before going back in with blue but for some reason the left arm started to peel off. Very weird, I've never had that happen before.I'll mask him up again and go back over it one more time then nick up the blue to make it look war torn and lived in. I'm off to a good start.. shouldn't take that much more to get him wrapped up..
Here is the crew I took to Sean's Infinity Demo.. well, minus the Mercs in the back. They performed well I suppose ... really have no clue with that game but had a 7 to 1 Victory so not too bad.
Since I had to prime and then use some silver on the Infinity guy I also sprayed the step gratings pieces for the display board.