Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lead the Target

 Last night I was hoping to get some more work done on the display but I went out for a bike ride and I was beat. It was hot and windy and I suffered most of the 20 miles... haha..  So since I was super tired I grabbed a Ranger and went to work. I need to get three done before Nova so might as well knock one out. I mentioned before that I like to have a good mix of colors on my Ranger/Pathfinders, to me they would be out and about in the galaxy and would pick up bits and bobs where they could. They might also be on a world that would require a different color choice so they shouldn't be a completely meshed squad. All the basics are the same but they don't walk the path.. they blaze their own.
 I got a good bit done on him, the leather is mostly done and I've started the blending on his cloak and armor. The backpack needs some love but that will most likely be wrapped up once it's glued on to his back.
Here is his twin from a few years ago..
I love the Ranger models.. to me they are some of the best in the entire catalog. They have a very cool feel and are sculpted very well.. I never have an issue painting up some Rangers 8)