Monday, June 30, 2014

Can't catch me..

 This weekend knowing that I needed to work on some Jetbikes for NOVA I broke out some of the ones I have already started on and the ones I've picked up here and there. Still wish we would get some new models for these but for the price I got them for isn't bad!
 I started to clean the edges on the pieces and started to break apart some of the ones that were pre built when I got them. He did a decent job on putting them together but cleaned none of the mold lines. I also want to use different bodies and heads. Awhile back I made some jetbikes and used Dire Avenger/Guardian bits to make them look decent... but that was a long time ago and they don't look anywhere as good as I'd like them to so I'm going to break them up and add some different bits to make the riders look cooler.
 They will also get different paintjobs..
 I've been trying to think of something cool to put on the bike's front shell but the things I've tried just look off and cheese .. I added the black flame like designs to the one amove awhile back but didn't like it. Even with the blending I was going to do on them I don't think it will be what I want to see .. I have a couple new ideas that I'll try and I'm sure it's going to be some trial and error 8)
Right now they are pretty much ready to head to the airbrush station. I'm going to do the bikes first and then the riders. I'll need to order the plastic Farseer to make the other seer but I think that will be all I need.

Go go jetbikes! 8) haha