Monday, June 16, 2014

Put it all together..

This weekend, besides making more wonderful plaster bricks, I worked on getting some models together. I've been wanting to get the Games Day 2012 Blood Angel together for awhile and thought it would be a good model to go a little farther on. Sadly it's finecast so it has all the wonderfully wrong things that go with it but no need to go over all those again.. we know them all too well..
Other then the Blood Angel I put together a bunch of Malifaux models.
 This week I picked up a box of hired swords to use as proxies in my Guild Crews. They can fit in well as a Witchling Handler or just as Guards or other Guild peeps..
 I also got the last Death Marshal mostly together. I want to try out the Lady Justice crew so want to have all the Marshals ready in case I use all three.
 It's crazy how many small bits there are on some of these models.. I think this chick will be the stand in for the Witchling Handler.. She has another piece of hair that was on her hip for some reason but  I wasn't really feeling that so I replaced it with piece from Sam that looked kinda like brass knuckles. 8)
 I also got the Riflemen together.. They really have a lot of bits to take care of haha.. but I got them ready other then their heads which I'll be painting separately. Next will be to prime them and do the initial blends with the airbrush.