Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A solid foundation is required...

 What are you looking at here? Well it's the beginning of the new Display Board I'm making up for Nova this year. I was pretty happy with the one I put together last year but this year I should have a little more time to get this one all done up right... "should". I don't have nearly as much to paint up as I did last year so it really shouldn't be too much. But, the Tour de France will be starting in less then 2 weeks and that will take away some of the hobby time haha.. But anyway...  Last night I got the three deck plates cut, two of them are exactly the same and there will only be a slight gap between them to run the lights and such.. the other smaller deck will be the second floor of the platform.
 When the two are joined they should be able one inch thick giving me the room to run whatever I need.. On the upper of the two decks I'll be cutting seams into it so light can shine through. I used EL wire last year and while it did look nice it was hard to see unless it was darker then normal. This year I want it to glow more 8)..
 I cut the main vane (sounds a bit dirty haha) that will be center mounted. I still need to cut out the hole for the warp vane to pass through. You can see it below on the paper template. I want to get all the structure done in advance so all I need to do is work on the extra detailing.