Friday, June 6, 2014

Stand and be counted..

In preparation for the painting contest today I wanted to make something for the Death Company to at least be standing on. I only had about two hours to knock something out so it's no where near as detailed as I'd like but what can you do. I cut an 8"x8" piece of masonite then cut a piece of cork. After gluing the cork onto the masonite base I setup placement noticing it was a little big so cut it down to 6"x8" then measured up and cut the raised lip. I broke the cork up to give it that irregular pattern of a rock outcrop then glued it down. Next was the tiling that matched their bases, I wanted to add some more details so I quickly added some diamond plate but didn't have the time to make it more pronounced. I glued some of the broken off cork onto the tiles to show that their were pieces of stone broken free as well as some loose tiles.
Then it got primed and painted. It's a couple of grays, dark brown and black. I did some quick drybrushing and then flocked it with the harvest grass. I think it came out ok for the time that I could put into it. Two hours from nothing to an ok looking thing. But they at least have something to stand on now 8)
I did cleaned up the Farseer a little but he's pretty much done.. There is always more I want to get done but that always seems to be the case. Oh well.
The Wraithknight is ready..

As is the Diorama ..
Everyone ready to go 8)

I was looking at the site and you actually have till Sunday to enter but I figure best ti just get them up there and in. I have no expectations for entering other then hopefully getting to talk to some other painters and hopefully I'll have some time on Sunday to head up to Dropzone and just hang out. Getting these ready I noticed some of things I'd like to improve at as a painter. So I think I have a few things to work on in the future.

Now that this project is done I'm going to start going full steam on my new Eldar display board, time is ticking down to Nova and I need to get my stuffs ready. I want the display board to really stand out so I have a bunch of cool ideas I'm going to try to include. Honestly I'm looking forward to making the Display Board then playing ..

The more I review 7th and the new Psi Phase the more I'm really getting bummed out. Like I mentioned when the Eldar Codex came out, it seems that Eldar are becoming less Eldar. I'm not saying the book isn't a competitive book, it is and gives you a lot of options but it's losing some of their core identity. They were once the masters of Psychics but what are they going to be in 7th? For me and anyone who just ran the one Farseer.. The one Psyker is going to have a rough time of it, you won't have a ton of dice and most likely your opponent is going to throw all their dice at your best power. I mentioned it before and I'll say it again, there was nothing wrong with the LS method of casting. You can go Psi crazy and make a brutal Deathstar or choke yourself out with units that really aren't going to get their points back. I don't like to ally much so I usually look to run one codex. Right now I'm looking to forego any Psykers and that's sad.. that's not what the Eldar are and I don't like it.