Friday, June 20, 2014

Lets get this started..

 Last night Sean and  I went to Games and Stuff to get in a few games after work, G&S is a LGS that is on my way home from work and they have a pretty large player base. The Wyrd Henchman and one of the guys Sean knows were going to be up there to play me in a game of Malifaux. This would be my first actually game of Malifaux that wasn't Josh and I walking through the rules haha.. Sadly I only have one picture, I had taken about 10 videos of my kids last weekend and apparently they were quite big haha.. So the pic above was the start of the game.. I missed out on some cool battle pics but the game was very fun and I learned quite a bit. I played Sonnia again and it was pretty much the TnB box except I switched out the Flame for a Death Marshal. Which ended up being a good move by the end..

35 SS
I had:
Witch Hunt
Witchling Stalker
Witchling Stalker
Witchling Stalker
Death Marshal

We were playing table corners with Reconnoiter (table quarter thing), Bodyguard and Plant Evidence. I picked something different if it was available even though I was thinking Sam wasn't going to survive.

He used:
Flesh Construct
Zombie Dog
I'm not sure the names of his upgrades..

From the get go I knew killing wasn't going to be my main objective since none of my schemes needed a lot of killing. Kill what you need to but that's pretty much it really.. I started moving to my left and when Matt moved that way I went back the other way. My first two turns were mainly just moving around and that was fine. I started getting the quarters and getting some points. Sonnia's firewall was the big winner of the game, the center had lanes around a big ol piece of wood but they were tight and with the firewall I could lock out one side or the other and block LOS. I kept blocking the Belle's lure with it and just moved into position.

He started to move forward on me as he figured out I wasn't planning on moving up and throwing down so in the middle we had a throw down between a Stalker and his Gholem, He did manage to kill the Stalker but I Rezzed him as Sonnia was close and kept the thing in combat. I then lined him up for the Death Marshal, the next turn his decomposing butt was in a Pine Box haha.. Thankfully I had gotten that off .. whoot.. I really wanted to pull that off.. it's nothing too tough and the thing had a low Df/Wp .. sweet.

I started to plant evidence and was trying to keep him distracted so ran up some Stalkers to which got lured and then engaged. When it activated it died being too close to Sebastian but I wanted him to die, he went out in a boom doing 1 da and putting up burning 1 on the two Belles and the dog. Now Sam could do his thing and laid into them killing the dog and a Belle, the other burned to death which was all the sweeter. The DM just back tracked with the monster in the box to keep the quarters..

Matt had killed another Stalker and raised another Flesh Construct which he got into range with Sonnia, I wasn't too worried as the game was coming close to the end. If they fought her they left Sam alone 8) .. I charged Mcmorning with a Stalker doing some damage but wow .. I flipped 4 Black Jokers throughout the game.. and was having a hell of a time with weak damage haha.. Either way Matt started to bump McMorning around which put him in Range of Sonnia. Hitting the Construct didn't matter so I just wailed away on McMorning killing him .. take that traitor!

I ended up winning 10 to 7.. It was getting late for me and was taking me some time to understand the point system but as we were talking about it before leaving it made sense. Malifaux is a very fun game and completely different then most others with the addition of using cards.. it is also all about your schemes, fighting is cool but sometimes it can mean very little to you.. Another game down and I picked up more of the rules.. a couple we were playing wrong and I think I'm good with most of them now.. A little longer hopefully should have them all down.
 The Sonnia Crew 99% finished.. her head still needs a little bit..
 Sam is also pretty much done.. I didn't want to make him flashy at all so he's just very muted ..
 I did add some of the Secret Weapon leaves to the base and I really like them.. adds a flash of color to the dreariness .. 8)

She's almost there..