Thursday, June 19, 2014

A bit scattered..

 It's been hectic the last few days and honestly have had a little case of burn out. Tonight I'll be getting in another game of Malifaux and it should be with someone experienced with the system so I can make sure we've been playing correctly haha.. But last night I started working on one of the Hired Sword chicks.. She's a wee lass, I mean really.. this model is small .. but it is a pretty cool looking model. The only down side to the model is the way the scrolls on the back are molded .. they are really long (hard to explain) They should have been molded separately and them added on.. would have given a better look 8) But that is a small grievance..
 I mainly worked on blending the red dress, It started out with an overall airbrush blend then went in with the brush. Right now (top picture) I've gone with:

Prime Black
DPM - Indian Red
Golden - White
DPM - Crimson Lake
VAC - Scarlet Red

Black Wash (shadows)
1:1 - VGC -Squid Pink : Blood Red ( highlights)

I'll be blending out the robes a little more and going back with some more VGC Blood Red to blend it a little smoother. 

Here is the stuff I'm currently messing with (not counting the Plaster Bricks or Eldar Display Board), I put together most of my Malifaux models and have at least got them primed. When I was airbrushing the model above I also started on the Ltd Blood Angel Sgt..  I can't stand the non helmed head so went with a full helm. He'll end up having a ton of gold all over.. I want him to look very bespoke 8)
Nova announced their ruling for list building and I'm happy with how they are doing it, I'm doubly glad there will be no Lords of War in the GT. To me that is too much .. I've pretty much locked in my list and it's going to be most of the things I like and I'm not really caring about how it does 8).. The display board will really be my main focus.. I now have all the stuff I need for it .. or at least think I do. I have to figure out a few things to make it work the way I want it to but hopefully it will 8) I cut the base level of it out but it's been too hot to go out in the garage and mess with it anymore.