Thursday, June 5, 2014

I carry a big stick..

 I was sitting in my painting chair last night staring at my miniature cabinet. I was trying to figure out if I was going to bring a squad to the Dropzone Painting Comp. I had originally planned to bring a squad of Dusk Wolves but as I have changed them a little here and there and have really painted whatever I wanted I never took a full mentality. So where I could have one the fact that they really didn't go together the way I'd like was messing with me. As I sat there I thought I'm not really taking anything there with the thought of hey I'm going to win this... it's more of I'm taking these to be just put some models out there 8) Some of my favorite models are my Death Company. They probably aren't painted to my highest level but I like them a lot so I think they will be entered. It will be a squad of 10 DC lead by a Reclusiarch, I tocuhed up the Rec a little last night as he required some cleaning up.. Black armor doesn't have much noticeable highlights.. I have 4 shades of grey on the blended area and you can never really see it haha..
 I also noticed the huge difference the background makes when taking a picture. The model looks way different going from the black to the white background. The only way to fix that would be to get more lighting.. but that won't be happening anytime soon .. so it's just pick the one that looks best 8)

 I'm still working on the backpack section .. so that will get some more blending done..  The winged shoulder pad needs to be touched up as well. Not that you can see it, the way his arm is it blocks it out 8)
I only have tonight left to get the final touches done to the models.. but like I was saying. I'm not expecting anything other then to see some other cool models and talk to some people about them. Looking forward to it!

The Farseer is pretty much done, there are only two more sections I'm going to address but that should only take a few minutes! I think he looks pretty decent and that will have to do haha