Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Best to start at the beginning..

 I got in my first game of Malifaux last Friday night and I really enjoyed it. Though my friend Josh and I were more reading a book then playing haha.. we were looking stuff up left and right but as we were just learning the game we wanted to make sure we were doing it right .. though some of the things were certainly were not..
 I was so into getting the rules down I totally forgot to take any pictures of the game (again). haha whoops.. so you get some pictures of the Witchling Stalkers I've been working on. They still have a ways to go but I really need to get cranking on my stuff for this weekend. Last night was a bust, my stomach is acting up again so I pretty much took it easy last night. I've been organizing my bits into a new set of boxes and now I can have them all separated..
I'd have to stay I'm way more interested in playing Malifaux right now, 7th Edition of 40K hasn't really made me want to work on more. Quite the opposite really..  A crazy Psy Phase and back to 5th Ed style armies will be all over the place again. I expect to see tons of marines in Rhinos with Guard backing them up... Who knows, maybe I'll be wrong but right now I'm not really enthused ..  Learning a new system and flipping cards is also a cool mix from the standard tabletop game..  Looking forward to getting a few more models and try to get in some more games. I see there being a learning curve but one that looks interesting to learn. The combo aspect of the game really makes it seem different and I'm not planning to make some cool spooky terrain for it .. 8)