Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Factors abound..

 I worked some more on blending and also figured I'd work on figuring out what color I was going to go with for the guardians. I started blending in some blues and I'm still trying to lay down the exact ratios I want to use.
But what makes it a little tougher is each paint usually requires a different mix.

VGC - 4 : 1  thinner mix : paint
VAC - 2 : 1 "              "
Golden - 3: 1
And you also have to factor in the colors.. as you probably know yellows don't cover so well.. and whites can be chalky .. all that goes into it and that is typically why it's hard for someone to describe their process when you are trying to use very thin layer blending. Once you get the right consistency you'll then know what you want it to feel like.

 Got some blending done on Sonnia, I'm going to be playing on Friday night and want to have her and her crew on the board. If I get some time tonight I think I'm going to work on getting her arms done so I can attach them haha.. I also need to get Hopkins on his base...
He has a huge stance .. I'm going to have to add something to the base so he can actually fit on it haha..