Monday, June 9, 2014

Results ..

This weekend was the Dropzone Crystal Brush and it went decent..  I wasn't expecting to win so was nice that the Wraithknight did score 3rd in the SciFi Vehicle/MC category. Here is the picture with him and the trophy, the event was decent but there was one thing that sucked..
The Farseer went in like this..
When I came into the shop on Sunday it looks like this..
Someone had dropped him and broke off his spear arm. Then glued it back on ..8( I talked to the judges and they said it was already like that went they had come in on Sunday so it happened before that. They did some investigating and it appears it was the photographer. I know it was an accident but that sucked.. and it was more of the part that he broke it and then tried to glue it instead of letting someone know. Then didn't tell anyone until it was pointed out. It had already been judged like that too, he wouldn't have won either way there was a lot of nicely painted models. A batman model won it which was a huge surprise to me, there were two or three models I thought looked amazing and was expecting them to win. Who knows...  The Seer was probably the most converted in that category but there were some very very nice looking models in there.

When I picked up my models one of the judges told me the Death Company were close to getting third in that category. He said it was a very tight choice between the two. That was a huge surprise, out of all of my entries I only entered them because I really liked them. I can only guess it's because of the extra time I put into their poses and kit bashing .. either way it was cool.

After looking at some of the models there and the fact that I want to concentrate more on painting I'm going to work on taking my painting a little farther. I think my stuff is good but it's not great. I usually paint to play and while not fast I think I can knock out a good amount of models at a decent speed. I'll keep painting my normal guys the same most likely but I want to push the blending a bit farther.. so that will be my goal going forward 8)

Here are some pictures of the models at the event..
Dropzone Crystal Brush 2014 Pictures