Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Good Ol Fashion Stalking..

 Last night I worked on the Witchling Stalkers a bit. I wanted to also work on blending more like I had mentioned so I went to town on their robes.. cloaks.. um..  sheets. Whatever they are suppose to be wearing haha..
 I did a little on their hand/arm wrappings as well but they aren't finished yet. So far I am liking the look ..
 I was playing around with the additives and my mixing. Normally I'd just go about it the same way but this time I was playing around with the amounts and what I thought was needed. That took awhile but right now I have a decent mixture that is working for me..

 I'm still playing around with my technique but I think the smoother blending is working out pretty well. It gives the model a more solid feel and makes it look very clean. Sadly it does take a bit longer and you really do have to take your time.
 The one thing I can say so far is to be patient. It's crazy but sometimes when it will take a few layers before you really see much of a change, this will happen when you are trying to lighten up a darker color. Rushing it will end up with you applying too much paint and possibly messing up what you have been layering .. I found that out a couple of times sadly haha.. It's all about the patience ..  I'm still going to play around with these guys a bit but shouldn't take too long to finish them off. Once I get the final mixture ratios worked out I'll post them if people are interested .. I was only using Distilled Water and Flo Aid but I added a few more in.
Right now I'm working with:

Distilled Water
Matte Medium
Flo Aid
Slo Dry

But the amounts change depending on which paint I was using.. Getting this right should take some time in the beginning but once that's all worked out it should go quicker. Just from the little I did last night I think my blends are already looking smoother.. hopefully that is the case haha..

Since I made that floor I figured I could use it for pictures in the future haha