Friday, June 27, 2014

NOVA Open 2014 - Planning, Painting, Preparing..

The NOVA Open 2014 is fast approaching and I need to get into the preparing mindset. If you haven't gone I highly recommend it, I had a great time last year (with the exception of the crazy Buffalo Wild Wings --ouch.. I will be skipping those this time around haha). When it was over I thought it would be one and done for the experience of the whole thing and I was TIRED! But it was such a good time that within a month I was already thinking I was going back( Here is the post about last year if interested in checking it out ). It started out as being the Trios as I thought a cool team tournament could be very interesting plus its more of a hanging out playing a crazy game.. less competitive which is nice since I have no plans of being the champion. Then I started thinking hell I'll be there I might as well play in the GT haha.. so now I'll be playing in two of the competitions adding on another day, I expect to be crazy tired.

So lets get into it..

The Trios
I'll be teaming up with Evan and Ron from FTGT in a crazy mix of armies if there ever was one. Eldar, Necrons and Nids.... what? haha..  At least Evan has finally locked in what army he's going to play (we think but there can be no real guarantees haha) Evan came up with the idea of mimicking the Good, the Bad and the ugly so I've been working on a graphic for the team. I was also working on lists, for this you need a 1K and a 2K list .. The 1K was giving me some trouble but I think I have it worked out as well as the 2K list though it needs a little work now with the 7th change.

I'll go into the lists in more details later but for right now the models I know I need to get done are:

3x Rangers - I normally use three of my old Rangers when playing 10 but since they completely don't match the rest of the army I need to get three guys done. I love painting these so this will be no problem 8)

1x Warlock on Bike - If I stick with my list, but with the wait Psy is working now I think I'm going to swap this out completely.

5x Jetbikes - I have a bunch of bikes in the list and with only 4 done in the new style I like I need to make a few more up. I now have over twenty jetbikes so it's just about getting some painted up.

Revenant needs his details finished up - Thats right I'm bringing the big guy to smash some faces.. He's never seen the table so this will be a perfect opportunity!

The GT
NOVA announced the updated rules for 7th so it gave me the ability to plan somewhat accordingly. I've mentioned it before and having had my first game of 7th I still don't like it. The Warp Charge thing sucks as bad as I thought it was going to.. I could only consistently get off one power per turn.. going from three to one hurts on that 100pt model but there really aren't that many other options for the army I'm going to take. But moving on .. Thankfully this year it will be very light for work that has to be done.

1x Farseer on Bike w/ Witchblade - The conversion I made last year has the singing spear but trying to keep it what you see I want to make one up. I would like to have another either way so this will be a double good reason.

So now a ton ..  of models anyway. I want to make a wild display board and I've been slowly bringing in all the stuff I'm going to need to make it. Yesterday the lights came in for it.. I thoughts I'd already be to that point but with the drill bit still in a truck somewhere I couldn't work on the main part I'm going to light. While taking the train in today I was thinking of a new ways to make the lighting stand out and how I want to do the center of the board. It will be a little more cutting and a lot more dremel action but would look very cool. This weekend at some point I want to get the steps cut and the decks figured out, I was going to Mag them last year and didn't but this year it will be a must as I'll need to be taking a bunch of the pieces off. The last thing I plan to work on is a rolling cart for it .. It might be a little over the top but I don't really want to carry this thing around haha.. it's going to be pretty big and heavy..