Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Nova Experience 2013 part 1

Well, I finally have some time to sit down and write up more information on the event and how it went for me. I had a great time and got to meet a ton of great people. I wasn't expecting to be the Tourney Champ, this is the first large scale one I've played in and I think my competitiveness is no where it needs to be to strive for the championship. My main goal was to have a good time and have my army look pretty cool! I think it came out looking good and got a lot of really good compliments on the display board and my army. I'd have to say that was my favorite part of the event, siting/standing there and having people walk up and start talking about the board and/or army. Most of my break times was filled up with that and was awesome. There were a ton of great looking armies and displays..  I wish I would have had more time to look at more but it was a busy two days for sure.

Sean from L33T and I drove down together, we met up with Evan from (FTGT). We talk a lot on the net and was really cool meeting him in person. Friday and Saturday in between games we BS'd about our last matches and anything cool we saw. Friday night we went to Buffalo Wild wings with some of the Beltway Gamer guys and had a great time hanging out. Sadly Sean and I suffered greatly the next morning, his stomach started at 4 in the morning. Mine hit me after we ate McD's breakfest, I got a small order of Spicy BBQ wings at night and that was a MISTAKE! I couldn't believe how hot they were, I thought they would be a little warm but nothing that crazy. I didn't start feeling better till halfway though the 4th game, went to lunch and just got fries which was a bad idea. My stomach got wacked out again and with more water finally calmed down again sometime in the 5th game. No more spicy/hot stuff for this guy at an event of any kind haha..

Overall Results > As for my results, I finished ranked 96 out of 223 and was in the 6th bracket out of 14. Above average so that's kind of cool but ended up playing two very strong lists/players at the end.

Game 1 - Eldar > He went first and was rolling well. His first round was brutal and I never really could recover, he was a very good play and looking at the Ldr Board was ranked 3rd overall. Haha.. so I don't feel too bad, sadly I should have a bit more points but I didn't count the units that were less then half. I had both his Warp Spider squads to 1 model as well as his Dark Reapers and one Jetbike squad. I also had his Wraithknight down to 1 wound (that WK saved so many at the end haha). It wouldn't have affected the result of the game but would have been nice to have a few more points 8). I didn't notice that until the next game and we were talking about how you count the 1/2 Str units. Sadly was a 0 -20 loss.

Game 2 - Daemons > This game was actually going pretty good for me, I seized the ini and killed the Lord of Change first off. But that worked against me later (seizing that is)  in the fact they weren't calling out the times regularly in this game and I didn't notice how late it was. They called time and I had nothing I really could do, it was Big Guns Never tire so he just jumped on the Objectives. He won the Prime I won the Second and we tied the Third. So I got a close loss, but either way I didn't feel bad about the loss at all (not that I was too worried about it at all). Just was nice it was a very close fun game. 7 to 13 loss.

Game 3 - Guard > This was another tight fun game, he seized the ini on me and start blasting me quick. I had to hold off on firing the Serpent Shields early unit his Vendetta's came in and I could try to maneuver away. The end of the game was coming close and I think he hoped out of his Transports a little too soon allowing me to wipe them off the objectives. I give him huge credit, he went for it numerous times with Grav Shoot insertions, sometimes working out very well for him but sometimes not so much. He was a very nice guy and I think we had a good game, we talked for awhile after the game. I scored a 20 - 0 victory

Game 4 - Tau > Out of 223 people who do I get to play but Sean. The upside was one of us would get that second win, the downside is we always play each other and can anytime. But was still a fun game, to see who goes first I rolled a 5 and then he rolled a 6. He fist pumped and let out a verbal "Yeeeeeessssssssss" hahaha. Sadly for him, I rolled a 6 to seize and then it was "DAMN!" haha.. My first turn was mixed, I did cause one of his Kroot Squads to break and run but didn't take out the Skyray allowing him to go full bore missile wise on my Serpents. I didn't fire all the Shields for that reason, I lost one Serpent, one was Shaken and another stunned. He had a very good first turn shooting. I kept the pressure up working on his troops and my Outflanked War Walkers did their job taking out a Riptide and his Leader, that was awesome haha.. Was a very fun game as usual, Sean's hatred of my Dar continues.. 20 - 0 victory.

Now I'm moved up to the 6th bracket and this was a bit of a worry haha.. I figured it was now going to be against people who were looking to do well in the Tourney. The next game was Chaos with Crons.. 2 Drakes and Cron fliers..  ouch..  the exact stuff I didn't want to fight as I had very little skyfire in my list.

Game 5 - Chaos/Necrons > This list looked mean from the get go, 2 Heldrakes, Cron Fliers, An Barge and a bunch of other stuff. I was to go first but he seized. There was a ton of that going on and he made the most of it, he had a hot hand and his rolls were awesome. I had 12 wounds on his Wraith Squad and he saved them all! Ouch, my rolling was average but his was very good. He played well and I had my hands full with the fliers. I tired to avoid the Drakes but did take a Cron flier down with a Serpent. It was looking pretty bleak but the game was ending soon and I had a plan. I ran into his Deploy with everything I had left which wasn't all that much. Seer and his bike squad plus a Serpent full of 10 Avengers. I wipe out his Cultists and they run off the board. I take one Objective and wait. He has his turn then it will be me and then the end. His Drake turns burns the DA, killing all but 1. If he lives I can actually win this game, but he's now on fire (whatever it's called). It goes off and he fails the roll, damn! Of course. So I break the Seer from the bikes and jump over to contest one of his and then capture the Obj the DA had. It's now a tie. A tie with me only having three models left haha.. That's pretty cool and was nice but I could have had the win, twice actually. The top DA squad fired on his Warlord and do 18 hits (had guide) and then only roll 2 6's to wound. bah.. he only had 2 wounds but is on a bike, he fails one and saves one and lives .. argh.. haha.. either way still cool to even tie it. I surprised him at the end and he even said it was an impressive move haha.. so we went Tied Obj 1 - 1, tied Second 1 - 1 but he had the tiebreaker which was points destroyed. Even getting first blood didn't help he had me solidly on points. So 10 - 10 Loss

Game 6 - Daemons > First time I had faced the same army twice in the Tourney but it was a good list. I started off rolling pretty blah and he was rolling decently. I wanted to jump up with the spiders to lay into the Lord of Change but they rolled a 3 for movement .. that sucks (next turn I get a 17 total, too late now haha). Then fired almost everything I had at a squad of Devil Dogs and could only take out 7 of them. At this time I was crazy hungry and tired from all the stomach stuff and was slowing down. I felt bad as he was trying to speed up but I had nothing left in the tank. I would have given him the win either way if I would have screwed him over in my slowness. By turn 3 I was done, nothing left to give haha.. He was a good guy and other then being super tired was fun. He took the Prime and we split the second or third. So I had a 3 -13 Loss.

Six games in two days is a bit too much for me, I don't see myself doing something like this again for awhile haha.. I'm getting old and the little ones are wearing me down! They take a lot of energy, energy I don't mind to give. Overall everyone I played were good guys and I had a great time. Tomorrow I'll go into some of the other things that went down or were crazy..

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