Thursday, September 5, 2013

Going in..

Last night I cleaned up some stuff that was laying around from my mad rush to finish for Nova. Then I started to de sprue and clean a ton! of terrain. Imperial Sector in a box .. well two to me precise.
I also worked on cleaning some of my Wraithknight, I do want to get him put together and I want to see if there is a way to decently Mag him. From my first looks at him I was thinking it wasn't going to be possible but maybe with some chopping here and there I can make it work. But all the cutting and filing got old .. so I started to mess with my second Crimson Hunter.
I wanted them to stand out from each other a bit so I figured I'd give this guy some striped sections. One set on the hull and the other on the wings.

I think it's coming out looking pretty cool so far, I do have a little more to touch up on the new sections I sprayed but that shouldn't take too long. After that's done I'll move onto details like the gems and pilot.I may also put on some markings, I'm still up in the air about that as I don't want it to loose it's sleek clean look.
Now that I have the display board done all my Dar bases moving forward will be going that route. I will spackle up the bases then spray them, I wanted them to have a little level difference so I added some cork to the base.

Tonight I'm picking up my daughters new "big girl" bed and putting that together so I don't see too much happening hobby wise. I'm also hoping to get some of the playground stuff done so I can clear my garage and cut some bases for the buildings I need to make... busy busy

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