Thursday, September 12, 2013

Climb aboard DOGMEAT!

A little more work done on the Crimson Hunter, I did the white outlines and started working on the gems. I didn't get too far on it though. I worked on getting the Wraithknight as built as I wanted him so I could figure out the best way to Magnet him up..

If I would have worked on the Hunter the whole night I probably would have been finished up. I need to do some clean up and finish the gems and then paint up the pilot. But as I said I worked on the Wraithknight some too..
I have to say that the kit is very cool, there are a lot of bits to attach but they all go together very nicely and most of the time even snap in. I was shocked by how many pieces the torso had, you attach a ton of stuff but it all looks very cool.
He's mainly together, in the chunks I want. I spackled up his base and I'm trying to decided how I want him to be standing on it. And if I'll have some debris on it as well, I was thinking of some Guard bits like a tank turret but I don't know. I was also thinking of something Chaos but I don't have anything other then a hell brute and I don't know if I want to use that thing. It's just a leftover from the DV boxset.
I think I have a solid way figured out for magnetizing him. I will start with that soon, there are a few minor details to work out but I'd love to have him all Mag'd up so I can put on whatever I want. Though having him posed also makes for a better looking model. When you do lighting you typically work with a static lighting position in mind. If you move parts around that can change. And as I want to really play with some styling on this guy I might just glue him together.. I don't know yet haha though I can just make them as close to that one position as possible. They do give you multiple arms so that will help for magnetizing.

For his color scheme he will most likley be purple and bone. My Craftworlds colors are Blue, Purple and Bone, I don't want everything being blue .. I think it needs a little bit of a mix...

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