Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bits and Bobs..

I was only going to work on a few things yesterday.. I mainly wanted to spray my Crimson Hunter bases but even though I cleaned the brushes they still were not working the way I wanted.
I soaked the brushes in Simple Green and hot water, after sitting for an hour or so I took brushes and cleaned them out.
And they looked nice and clean but they still seemed a bit clogged. Oddly the Paasche was the one that was working the best. The chamber of the brush did seem clean, the Badgers still seemed to need more. When I moved my painting room I noticed that my Ultrasonic cleaner wasn't working anymore. I didn't drop it or anything but it wouldn't start anymore. So yesterday I ordered a new one, I was tired of soaking and scrubbing them 8)

So, I wasn't going to get done what I had thought. I picked up the Wraithknight bits and the Guardian bits as well and started gluing parts together.
I only put the main parts together, I'm going to try and figure out how I want him to stand and if it will even be possible to magnetize. I know there is always a way! haha.. Now that the main sections are together I'll go back and sand and scrape the joined sections to clean them.
I also started on the Guardians and yup I still hate them as much as ever. I don't know who's great idea was to seperate the legs. I don't know what they think that will give you but it's just an annoying step. Thankfully I got all the bodies and legs together now I'll go back and clean all those pieces.

I want to see how the WK does, I also want to play around with my list some. So I'm going to make up some new stuff to play..

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