Monday, September 23, 2013

Get your Spray on

I'm back from Vacay and exhausted .. vacay means something totally different when you have kids haha..  But I didn't really pick up anything for myself on Vacation so went I looked on Amazon and saw I had a good bit of points I cashed them in and picked up a new Air Brush. I ordered a Iwata Eclipse HP CS, I've been looking at it and figured what the heck. Give it a shot. So far really happy with it, for having the smallest tip .35 it will spray just about anything... I didn't even thin model color to test it, sprayed it without issue. That's pretty impressive.
The Necron bits I ordered came in and I started to piece together what I wanted on the base of the Wraithknight. I also figured this would be a good test of the new brush..
The pics are a bit wonky so it's hard to see the details but they look pretty decent. I'm going to go back in with some more color and paint a little more by hand but so far looking pretty cool.

I started a new job this week so posts will still be a bit hectic .. hopefully it should calm down in a few weeks.

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