Friday, September 13, 2013

Such a Base Fellow..

I knocked out the bases for both Crimson Hunters and the Warithknight last night. The WK will get some add Necron bits added to the base for flavor (they were the chosen victim I chose and ordered bits last night).
For the Crimson Hunter bases I added some foliage to match the display board should they ever go off to battle on it 8) ..

I think I might add a few more patches here and there on the left base, the front looks a little sparse looking at the pictures now. I think they came out nicely and will match for sure. It will be cool to have both the Hunters done though I doubt they'll see a ton of action but they will look nice sitting on the shelf haha

I'll be going on Vacation next week so updates might be short or erratic, I do have a few things scheduled to post but other then that not sure how much I'll be online. So .. have a great weekend and I should be roughly back to normal starting the 23rd..

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