Tuesday, September 10, 2013

It's the thrill of the Hunt..

The second Crimson Hunter continues. I worked on getting the symbols I mentioned on it and a few other highlighted areas.
I measured the tail section and then drew the symbol out on a piece of 3M painters tape. After that I attached it and started to paint it up.
I sprayed it using Dark Purple, Violet Madder and White. Sadly I didn't measure the right side correctly so I had to wipe it off and then re measure and redo it. That kinda stunk but was glad I had cleared it first. That way I could wipe it away with some thinner.

The way the light is hitting the rear tail it really fades into the color but in person it is a bit more visible. I did want it to blend some so it does go into the dark section and then stands out on the top. I"m pretty happy with it, I also worked on the hull top vents and the engine area. They are hard to see but they are there 8).. I will go back into the vents with some purple washes to blend it a little more.

Next will be the white outlines and the gems. It shouldn't take too long to knock out the rest and it will be completed! I love the way these things look.. the next game I get in will most likely have both in it just for fun. Hopefully they live long enough to look cool on the board haha
Also worked a bit on the bases, they will match the coloring of the display board but right now they are looking very cool for a snow covered area..

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