Thursday, September 26, 2013

I got noooo body..

Last night I played around with some of the colors on the Wraithknights legs. I'm going to go more purple with him instead of the blues I normally use for my Eldar. The Craftworld colors are blue, purple and bone so it will still fit well though. I wasn't expecting to get too much done (and didn't really haha) but I did notice a few things that I wasn't liking but I'll get to that in a bit. I started using some 3M tape and silly putty to mask off certein areas.
With all the different shapes on the areas of the WK the silly putty works pretty well. It always annoys me though, its nice it doesn't pull off paint but I do wish it were a little more "sticky". I'm liking the direction so far and right now it's only deep violet and violet madder on the model (plus base black). After the initial colors were applied I go back in with white to highligh certein areas and then spray the Violet Madder again. I will have to mix up two more shades, probably some Violet Madder + White and Violet Madder + Deep Violet. I don't want it to be too bright but I do want it a little brighter then it is.

On to the part I didn't like, sadly I didn't get pictures as I was too tired and went to bed haha... Since the legs sections are all pretty much glued together you'll have some pretty visable seams.  Normally when I glue it together I'll sand the seams before the glue is 100% dry. It's a neat little trick but the sanding dust and small grit will usually fill the seams and blends it all in. Sanding and Filing work the best, if you scrape the seams it probably won't work. I was building a bunch of pieces at the same time so I didn't get to file till dry and I ended up with some massive seams. BOOOOO. As I sprayed the model I really noticed it and it looks pretty terrible IMO so last night I started to Liquid GS the seams up. I broke out the sandpaper and worked on the right leg but was too tired to mess with the rest. So when done I'll have to start the blending over again .. and again .. BOOOO

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