Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Nova Experience Part 2

Nova was a very fun couple of days, my first large Tourney and it was a good time. I thought for sure I was going to be burned out from all the painting I had just done but to be honest I really feel like getting into some stuff. Something I have no deadline to get done! Last night I sat down trying to think of what I want to do next, it's a tough one haha...  I also started thinking about what I might take to the Trios next year, it's a long ways away but since the excitement of the event is still around makes you want to think about it 8)

Anyway I figured I'd just wrap up some stories today and go over a few things about the event.

First, above is my haul from Nova. Some won and some purchased. Torrent of Fire were giving out these obj markers.
They are all metal and pretty cool. Would have been cool to get more then one but I can understand as they were solid and well made. So I assume not cheap.
I picked up a set of both 2012 and 2013 chips. They are pretty cool Obj markers and right now I don't really have any awesome markers.
Won a pack of two destroyed markers.

And some dice.. the USA one support USA 40K and the others are the 2013 Nova dice which also have scatter symbols carved in. They are pretty cool but it will take some getting use to them as both the 1 and 6 have the hit symbol on them..

While playing I had some crazy coincidences pop up..

I played six games at Nova, in five of those six I roll the same powers and all the same way.
Rolled a 5 - Fortune.. I'll take it
Rolled a 4 - Death Mission.. blah I'll take guide
Rolled a 1 - Executioner
Starting with game 2 this is what I rolled. Exactly the same way .. In a way not too bad as Fortune is nice but would have been cool to get Doom a time or two haha..

Staying with Psi powers..  if I rolled for Guide first I always rolled 11 (8 times). Boom a 5 and a 6 ..  was crazy. If I rolled Fortune then Guide never failed once. It's just the weird things that you notice haha..

I'd have to say the overall experience of the Tournament was great. Everything was setup and ready to go on time which was nice. The only time there was a delay was the 4th to 5th game when the pairings weren't coming up. It was about an hour delay but overall not a big deal.

Everyone I played was cool and one of the telling points was we never had to call a judge for a ruling. Everything went smoothly. The tables were setup well and the terrain was pretty decent for the sheer amount they had to make.

I loved seeing all the display boards and saw a bunch of people pushing their's around on carts. After the first day I was really wishing I had one haha.. The one bad thing about having a big display board is where to put it when the game is going on. I got lucky a few times and had an extra chair or was near the wall which helped but when I had to sit it on my bag it sucked haha.. I also wore a shirt that was too big, it knocked off a Dire Avenger twice and on one of those times it fell and I stepped on him.. smashing him flat 8( ... I did get him back together but still sucked.

I think that's about it.. was a great time. Got to meet some really cool people and get some games in. Was awesome to meet up with Evan in person and hang out with the guys on Friday night. Looking forward to some of that next year.

So next do I paint up some;
Orks - Been wanting to paint up a trukk and some boyz for awhile
Dark Angels - Would like to get some bikes done
Dusk Wolves for some more finishing stuff...
Blood Angel - Always my boys.. knocking out another guy is always cool
Or the Wraith Knight and Revenant ..

haha.. I will probably be all over just painting what I feel like that night. My wife will be out tonight so I'll have some time to start messing around with stuff. But I think most of my time may be de spruing terrain for the comic shop I go to. They got an Imperial Section and I said I'd build it up for them.. so I need to knock that out.

Took a couple of pictures of the Warp Spiders after getting based..

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