Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Progress is his middle name..

I primed the Wraithknight before Vacay and it's ready for some color. When I get back from Vacation the Necron bits should be in and then I'll add them to the base I already sprayed.
It's pretty plain so far but when I add in the destroyed bits it should look pretty cool. I think I'll have the Wraithknight with one foot on top of a bit and maybe some scars on the ground.

I also decided to just pose and glue this guy, I was going to Magnetize him but I think it might look a bit off and I want him to look very cool and with a nice paint job. I'll be going with the standard Wraithcannon build as I think it's the most viable. I already planned to pick up another Wraithknight down the road, sucks about the cost but it is a cool kit.

I'm going to order some new Comm Art colors and an Iwata Airbrush for this build and to finish the Revenant. I'd like to get both large models done at the same time.

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