Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hero Hammer

 I was planning on working on my display board last night but that didn't end up working out. I needed a large wood bore bit so went to the Home Depot near my house which was a mistake. It quite literally is the worst, it never has anything I'm looking forward and the people are typically useless. They don't carry Irwin bits any more which stinks and they didn't have a replacement for the adjustable large bore bit (other then hole saw bits that are $30 each... not worth it when I'd need two and only need to cut one hole for each size. Not to mention it isn't really designed for that). So I just got annoyed and left..  I ordered the bit from Amazon but it wasn't Prime so now it looks like it will be at least a week in coming.. Boooo.. I wanted to get all those pieces cut and ready. I guess I'll just have to work on the stairs for it before hand though was hoping to wait so I could eye it up and figure the exact layout of the steps. That right now is the biggest thing I Need to figure out..
 But.. anyway... I went and started painting instead. I have the Games Day BA Sarg almost done. He needs more clean up and maybe some blending but he also needs his BP/JP done and his gun also needs some love.
 Sadly it's hard to see all the blending in these pictures .. it was late last night and I was just trying to get the pictures of them wrapped up.. The blends are looking very clean and smooth which is very cool. The gun doesn't have much done to it and really is going to need some work. I don't want it to just be the same looking metal color so I'll work in some brass or coppers..

 The pic above is one of the better ones to see the blends other then his fist which has a little reflection on the figures of the PF.
 I also wrapped this guy up... he could use a little more work but he's rank and file so that's enough.. sorry Johnson. I think he still looks cool and came out very nice. I did a little extra blending on him.. I was working on both so I figured he could use some more highlighting.

 I added some white and very light purple to the cloak to add a little more transition. I could add more to give more of a wear feel but like I mentioned it was time to put him on the shelf.
 There's just something about dual chainswords that screams I'm a bad ass 8)
So far I'm pretty happy with the way the extra blending is coming out. More is always better except when you factor in the time it takes to knock them out haha.. It does take a bit longer and I clean out my palettes a lot more now but the models are looking much cleaner.I'm also writing down the formulas I'm using so I'll add on to my Painting Blood Angels Tut soon.. When I get time I will also post up some of the mixtures that have been working for me in case people are interested in playing around with them too.