Friday, June 13, 2014

A nice place to play..

 Tonight I'll be getting in another game of Malifaux which will be more of a learning experience again truthfully but I wanted the crew to be complete. I was casting bricks like a madman last night (below) and while doing so I got Sonnia's crew field-able .. I keep not wanting to paint to play but it doesn't seem like that is ever possible for me 8) ... They aren't complete yet but I'm still pretty happy with the added blending I've done so far.
 These pics look pretty much the same but the focus is a little different here and there hah..  I took them so I'll use them 8) ..
 I got Sam to a point where he looks decent enough to be out there even though he's only leather, skin and black .. haha .. I did some blending at least but I need to get in there for the details and blend a bunch more. The smooshed Cig also needs some more work haha.. after some more paint and some flocking it should look good..
 Will I shoot you or just thump you with my big ass hammer? 8)
 Not much was done on Sonnia since yesterday other then a little blending added to her shoulders and I sprayed her with a little Matte to bring down the shine..
 She still needs a good bit more detail added to her but I think she's looking good..
 And now on to the is more of my bricks.. wow it's going to take me FOREVER! .. Depending on how I make the board I may need at minimum 40 casts but it could be up to 60..  yikes. I'm still trying to figure out how I want to build it.. cut a 3'x3' piece and attach the stones or make 1'x1' titles that can be interchangeable. Tiles is a better way to go so the board wouldn't always be the same but the part that sucks is joining them together. I hate when the tiles don't line up It really ruins the look. I could use the same 2'x2' tiles I use for 40K and just mark off an outer ring but still don't know. I have time, it's going to take awhile to get all the plaster casts I need but I don't like having no clear path for my design.. that burns at me 8\
 It's hammer time!
My next long session I'm going to work on the Eldar displayboard as I make the cobbles..  I just have to clean the garage up a little to make space for the drying molds and cutting some wood. I don't want the dust getting into the molds! Nova is fast approaching and I've worked on nothing for it ..  well I started the board but not much. I'm waiting for them to lock down the rulings for building lists.. though right now I'm less then thrilled about it .. I don't like the Lords of War (possibly, and some is even worse IMO)being in the game and I'm still not a fan of the Psy phase..  I think I'm going to make up a very cool display board and the list will be whatever.. I don't really care. I'll just bring what I have painted and call it a day.. I'm not looking to be the champion.. not even a little bit.. my favorite part of the whole event is walking, talking and looking at all the cool armies out there. I had a blast last year talking to people about my display and about theirs. To me that was the best part of the Nova experience .. And really my favorite part of the Hobby, online that is what we do.. we look and talk and that is super cool in my book. At Nova is will be in person 8)

I need to wrap up a few models but after that I want to start working on a Blood Angel Furioso Dread that's standing on a ripped up Chaos Hellbrute.. I have some cool ideas and it will require a good bit of work ..  I will most likely have the ability to remove him from the diorama type base to be used but I'll need to figure all that out in detail. I've been thinking about it for awhile now and already have everything .. just need to assign the time.
He's lonely and needs a buddy 8)