Thursday, May 1, 2014

Rapping on my chamber door..

 I worked on the Raven a little more last night, I had mentioned a design on the side and went with the outline of a Raven I had drawn up.. I figured that made sense.. So once I had the image ready I printed it out and started working on a template to spray. I'll be taking a video of the other side so I can go into more details for making a template. It may not be needed but I figured it may be helpful. I'm still working on getting the videos edited but sadly being sick my brain hasn't been at top performance and I wanted no parts of learning a damn thing .. 8)
 Here's the template, I took the positive and attached it to the Raven to make sure the size was correct and to figure out where I wanted it to sit. Once that was done I trimmed up the negative (template) and started to attach.
 Most of the time you can leave the template larger but in this case I had to trim certain areas to make it fit into the space. With the multiple levels on the side it makes it tougher to squeeze into place. Taking your time will really help you in the long run and this step my be tedious but is critical to making the image look and fit right.
Then I hit it with the airbrush, sadly I left the tape on a little too long or it's just the fact that the PH Martin paint takes awhile to cure. But I pulled off a bit of paint.. which was annoying for sure. Either way I went back and touched it up so you shouldn't be able to even notice it .. (the top most picture). I'm going to add in the Raven's eye (not that white spec which is just dust or something haha) and I may add a little dark grey to the Raven's wing to give the feel of a sheen.. not totally sure though. I'll play around with it and whatever I think looks cool I'll head in that direction. 8)

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