Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crack the Sky..

 Last night I worked on the Stormraven a bit and got annoyed quite a bit. I had finished up the canopy and was happy with it but in the process of switching out colors in my airbrush I hit it with the airbrush and put a gouge in it .. 8( .. That sucked .. big time. (moral of the story, pay attention)
 I tried to touch it up but it just wasn't looking right. The blend wasn't smooth any more and was getting me quite annoyed so I started over .. nothing like painting your stuff twice haha.. but it is what it is and now I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Sadly the lighting is still a bit wonky and I'm not really sure why. Lately the lighting has just been off, I really need that light baffle.
 I sprayed the Raven on the other side but it was off .. so I had to redo that as well haha.. It was only off a little but it was bugging me and I didn't want it to look like that so figured better to just redo. Hit up the center vent and tail with BA symbols and started on the engines. With all the reworking I had to do I didn't get too far on them and they only have a little of the copper on them. I need to get that done and then I'll blend in some gold and chrome on certain parts.
 It's moving along .. slower then I wanted but all good as long as it's looking the way I want.
I started on this and the Death Korp as I felt like painting them. 8) But there is going to be a painting competition coming to my area in June (that I just heard about) and I want to enter a few things. I have an idea of what I'll enter and most of them I've finished up over the year and will probably just touch them up here and there. I'm not expecting to be the champion but will be cool to enter stuff in it .. 8) And I want my stuff to look decent when I do hah..

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