Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sometimes you should just stay the same ..

 I've been working on the Seer conversion and I need to get him done before Friday of next week. I should have just left well enough alone haha.. I think it's coming out ok but it's taking a lot longer then I thought I was going to spend ..
 The back of the staff isn't as far along as the front but it's getting there..  just so many colors and blends haha.. so many..
 The gold on him is coming along as well. The smaller bits are easier and when they have hard angles it makes the reflections make it easier. The shoulder pads are going to be the tough parts. The reflections on them require way more thought .. and so I test and hate and paint again 8)
I also started playing with colors for the Guardians..

I want it to be black faded into a vibrant blue.. nothing too light so working on what I want the final blend to be. Not much time into them so far..