Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bad things happen..

A late post today .. had a lot of stuff going on today. I know a lot of people that are getting into a bunch of different games. I picked up some Infinity models (because I liked them mostly) but after the test game I played of it I wasn't super impressed. The way you assign the orders and not having limitations kind of bums me out. I started looking for some fantasy style miniatures and that is what Malifaux is listed under on the Warstore site. I liked some of the models and I've heard some really good things. So I ordered the rulebook and have been reading it. So far I'm really liking the sound of it and the whole card aspect appeals to me.

I really like some of "The Guild" models..  I really wanted the Torch and the Blade set but of course that was the one that didn't come in haha.. But the Guilds Judgement and Riflemen did come in. I'll start to build them up and try some games. A few people at the LGS are interested so I might try a demo of the game in the near future. I like the story behind the game and that is a big sticking point for me, I need to be into the background. It makes me want to paint the things I'm working on ... It gives me a creepy high plains drifter feel. I'll be starting one of the models soon so I'll post up my thoughts on it.

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