Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Handing out Justice..

Last night I worked on the Judge a little more, getting some of the highlights and details done. He's almost complete now, just a little clean up and I think he'll be ready..The straps on his lower cloak need to be darkened up mainly and a little more work on the sword.

 His wide stance really makes him hard to plop on a base haha.. I went with the one step base to add a little movement to the model.. thoughts it gave more of the old fencing/swordfighting look of old movies.. they loved to travel over all sorts of stuff as they tested their steel. Don't believe me watch a few Errol Flynn movies.. 8)

 The Judge is a very cool model and I'm liking his look.. I need to make the front straps match the back ones 8)..

 I also worked on the Purifying Flame as well.. He's going to be a very quick and east model to finish.. though I am going to spray his base with some orange and yellow to show he is glowing .. I'm also going to brush on a few yellow highlights on the tips of the flames but overall quick and easy to paint 8)

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