Monday, May 12, 2014

Steel Rain

I picked up a Wyvern on Friday, because of course I need another IG tank haha.. But they are just too good not to pick up. My friend Scott picked up a Nid Swarm boxset and came over on Saturday night to work on them. So while he worked on his Nids I desprued, cleaned and built it then yesterday I gave it the same camo spray job as the rest of my guard tanks. No details but all the basics are done at least.

 I've built many a IG tank so it went together quite quickly, the good ol Chimera chassis.
 I didn't glue the gun area together so I can paint some of the details on the inside and I don't think it will really need necessary. I'm still trying to think of the best way to swap to the Hydra. I'll probably trim the tabs so they can slide in, but there wouldn't be a stop. So,. that needs to be deduced.

 I've been meaning to make templates for my guard tanks so make this up in PS last night. They are SMALL or should that be small haha.. Going to be fun cutting these out .. yay .. 8)

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