Thursday, May 15, 2014

Better put your guard up..

I finished up the Death Korp Vets and Commisar well.. at least the first 10 of them. I'll need to go back and finish up the rest of the crew. I'm pretty happy with their look and nice to get them out of the way. I want to get some stuff done for the painting comp and these guys aren't on that list. haha

I also made up a black photo box to see if that helps any with the lighting. I still need to make a baffle for the light and from looking online I found a couple of ways to make one. I'm not going to be professionally taking pics so I don't want to spend a ton of money on a lighting rig. But I do want them to come out looking decent.

I used a satin varnish but looking at them now I might go with a pure matte. Though the glare does work and makes it feel a bit realistic. I don't know..  I'll leave it for a bit and see how it goes ..

I made the group shot of them and also the single pics. Nice to have at least one set of them done. I'll start working on some of the details on their tanks, I have all the basic work done on them but I haven't going into very much detail. I do like my guard I just rarely pull them out to play, maybe having them a little farther along will get me more into playing them. The next level of the Escalation League is this Saturday and I'll probably take the Guard with me just to get them on the field.

So far the 1K list is looking something like this ..

Lord Commisar
10 Vets - Grenadiers, 2x Plasma, Vox, Chimera, Ex Armor
10 Vets - Grenadiers, 2x Melta, Chimera, Ex Armor
10 Vets - ML, Chimera
1 Vendetta
2 x Wyverns
1 Leman Russ Eradicator - HB Sponsons

It's not set in stone but that is a list I like and can try some stuff..

We'll see how it goes! 8)

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