Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A fine haul..

Yesterday I mentioned that I picked up some models from a collection someone sold at my LGS. The collection was Eldar, Blood Angels and some Tau. There wasn't anything I had to have but was some things I could use and was given a good price so I didn't pass it up.
 I'm not a huge fan of running Guardians, to me they are the militia and means they would stay at home unless it was critical for them to respond. But they are a decent troop choice now and for Kill Teams they could be a good set of baddies. Plus I really need to get some painted up for the Craftworld 8)... I have 16 old models that I painted awhile back that match nothing in my army so I'll have to repaint them which will take some sanding here and there. I also have 10 sitting in my bits waiting to be built but I really don't feel like building them so here were a bunch of pre built Guardians. I went over them closely to make sure they were built well and other then the guy not scraping the seams they were all solidly built. I'll clean then up and prime and be on my way... with the addition of 20 more Guardians I think I'm up to 46 or so. Enough to field two large 20 man squads if the mood struck me but then I'd have to repaint the other guys and build up the rest. 20 Guardians it is 8)I also got 5 Dire Avengers.. I needed the 5 to complete my third squad of them.. For small games I might be content with 5 man squads but for normal games I like full 10 man squads.
 I also added 7 more jetbikes to my collection taking me to ... hmmmm I think around 18? Not sure, I'll have to count them up but they are in stages from still in their box to fully painted. I have been wanting to try a large squad of them to see how they perform. Normally they just guard the Farseer and grab objectives late in the game. Thankfully there's also some Shining Spear bodies in there which is nice since I hate the normal riders.. terribad. The guy had also started to convert one of the riders using an old warlock body. With some touch up it should be decent looking.
 The last thing I got were some old Blood Angel Death Company and their Rec.. Although not as nice as some of the newer models they are pretty decent looking and I think they will be cool to mix up my squads. They were missing some bits like an arm or two and all their BPs but I have plenty.
All and all a decent amount of things I can use, when I'll be able to get to them I don't know hah. . I have ton of things I want to get done and a ton I need to get done. The painting comp is coming up and I want those models to be ready. I also need to figure out my final lists for Nova (that was more being held off by the release of 7th Ed) and I started putting together my Malifaux guys. I got all the bases done last night so they have a place to stand 8)

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