Wednesday, May 7, 2014

It's a throw down..

Last night I went up to the LGS (Chuck's Comics) for the League I've been running. I'm not playing in it but if people want to play me they get their points and can count the game as a League game. I'm also trying to help people that are new to the game or getting back into it. Matt hadn't played in awhile and was joining the League so I helped him go over his list and then we played a game. I brought my Dar and Dusk Wolves to the store, depending on who and how I was going to play would depend on which army I played. Since it's a new player I brought out the Dusk Wolves and knew it was going to be tough one haha.. I had no real flyer defense with the Wolves. We were playing three objectives and the game went very smooth, Matt was getting back into the swing of it very quickly! .. Since I knew I didn't have much of a chance at taking out the flyers I was going to concentrate on positioning and getting the objectives. The game was looking pretty rough for me.. my TL Las Razorback could do nothing haha.. but it came down to the final act and final shot.. We each had our own objectives and I had just moved onto the middle objective. He was moving his Command Barge and Leader up to assault my squad of Dead Eyes (Grey Hunters) and the 1K Son Lib.. he assaulted but I had one Melta Gun in the squad. I fired over watch with the Melta and got a 6 .. I penned and then destroyed the Barge stopping the assault and taking the object. I was thinking it was going to be a draw but thanks to a lucky roll I pulled out a win. It was more of test game to get Matt back into the swing of things and he played a very solid game.  Was a good time!

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