Friday, May 16, 2014

The path is never clear..

 I started updating the Seer a little bit last night, not too much so far, removed all the flock from the base and sprayed it with the same purple as the warp flames. Right now it's just the rough spray, I'll be going back and cleaning it up but I think it looks so much better then the green looked!
 Went back and blended the metallics a bit, trying to get them smoother and more of a gradient on him. So far it's three different golds, a copper and steel.. I think it looks decent. I was debating on going back in and painting the golds using NMM but don't know if I really want to do that. It might make him stand apart from the rest of my Dar, The NMM gives a cleaner look though and as he'll be entered into a painting comp it might be worth it. What do you guys thing? Stay with Metallic or repaint with NMM? Sort of like this guy..

It's a tough one ..
 I updated the robes and the spear a bit, I was wrapping him up in parafilm and his spear popped off. Nothing was hurt thankfully and it's actually a blessing .. it makes it much easier to paint the weapon!
 Still a way to go on the blade. I'm going to add some light detailing ..
Since I was working on the blues I grabbed the first Wraithknight's head to update it a bit..
It looked so sadly plain next to the new one I painted, I wanted them to match so started giving it the same treatment.. roughly. . Before Nova I'll probably update the entire model. haha.. hopefully.. maybe?

I was going to start building up my Malifaux guys but I wanted some cool bases for them to stand on. Since Malifaux is a city and a older one I went with Secret Weapon Town Center bases. For 40K I usually make my own but since the model count of the Malifaux guys is low it wouldn't be too costly and I really want to make the Guild guys looks slick. Down the road I'll probably also pick up a nice board and build some older gothic/western looking buildings. I was trying to think of what Malifaux reminded me of and I figured it out .. the movie the Crow. It has the same gritty feel and is one movie adaptation of a comic that I really can get behind. Yeah they did change up the story some in the movie but I felt they captured the sadness that is evident in the comic.
I did de-sprue all the models and put them in a fancy container I picked up at Michaels this weekend.. a very nice buy. They are only $2.50 which is pretty good, it has 16 smaller compartments and 1 larger. Perfect if you are trying to keep certain parts together. When I'm planning a conversion or kit bash I'll start to get all the pieces together for the model and these will work well. I picked up another one and gave it to my friend Scott so he could get some Nids off their sprues but I liked them so much I picked up another when I was up there yesterday. The new Stormies (aka Scions) will probably be going in there haha

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