Thursday, May 29, 2014

Penny Dreadful

 I got my first Malifaux miniatures done last night, The Judge, a Death Marshal and the Purifying Flame..
 They were all pretty close to being finished before and was only a bit of touching up required. Fixed some of the straps on the judge and cleaned him up some.

 I think he came out looking good and I'm pretty happy with him, I may spray him with a little matte to bring his shine down some. I'm using satin but the trench has a bit of sheen to it. It's not as big a deal as he sits but taking pics it really throws up reflections..
 The Death Marshal was all but done, I just added some green glow to the cobbles under his head. A few minor touches here and there but he's all done up now 8)

 Same pretty much went for the Flame, I added the glow to the cobbles and I think that came out looking very nice..
 I also went back and hit all the tips of the flames to make them stand out more of a yellow. I wanted his core to be mostly orange, he's been burning for quite some time and the bones would heat up. I think it gives him a very angry look, .. now I just need to get his master done haha
For some reason these mini's seem to go much quicker and I don't really have an issue getting them done and done.
 Right now I have Sonnia, Lady J, another Death Marshal and three Witchling Stalkers on deck.. oh and a Rifleman and the DM's coffins. I've been working on them as a whole really.. they all rock a lot of leather/brown and have the same style so the colors spreads between them all.
The coffin for the next Death Marshal is almost done, I'll need to over spray the base and then start on the fine details like splintering and the chain and lock!