Friday, May 23, 2014

The Storm is upon us..

 Last night I got in a 1000 point game for the Escalation League, sadly it started a bit late and now I'm paying for it haha.. Much tired .. But it was a good game and it went a little better for my guard this time. Josh had a terrible turn 2 missing or failing to Pen with many a 1 or 2. I was able to take out most of his melta or at least tie them up..
 It was a good and fun game but I still need to brush up on the Guard rules some. That being said I still don't think the Guard is for me. It's not one of the armies that I really enjoy. I love the idea and the Death Korp models but I'm not the blob guy or the fire a million shots to only put a few wounds on models that will most likely save .. even with orders it still doesn't have the feel that I like.
 So not really sure how much the Guard will see the table for me haha.. I just don't think it's an army that matches my playstyle..
 I did actually get some pictures of the game and the boards this time .. 8) .. I think the winter board looked cool with my Guards camo so went with that table .. but here are a few pics of the desert board as well.

I'll post up a few other things today if I have time but figured I'd post up the pics of the game and the board. I'm pretty happy with their final look..