Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hit the bricks.. well.. cobbles..

 I got the bases in from Secret Weapon and figured I'd should get them ready for the models that will be standing on them .. so I knocked them all out. I figured I'd go with a standard grey cobble with a little green added. I wanted to keep the Victorian feeling and I figured a little skummy water might look cool.. As I add the specific model to the base I'll probably add a bit more to the base.

 I added some water effects on two of the bases that had a missing stone. Wanted to add a little something, I also added a little static grass to some of the bases.
 I think the bases are very well done, the only thing I didn't like is on the step bases the back has no mortar lines added. In reality they probably wouldn't be there but it makes it looks way too plain breaking that 4th wall to me. So I used my seam scrapper to carve in the lines.. I added that little bit for me..

 So far I've gotten some work done on the Judge and one of the Death Marshals. I haven't played yet but I'm really liking the back story and the models of Malifaux.
 The one thing I would recommend if you are new to the smaller models (GW uses heroic 28mm and it makes a difference) do not attach the heads. These models are very detailed and it may be quite hard to get in there and work on the details. I noticed it when starting on the Judge and I as I was putting together a rifleman I will also be leaving his gun arm off so the inside chest detail will be much simpler to work on.
Very happy with the models so far.. I'll be adding ins some of the highlights to the cloaks and work more on varying the leathers.. It's also very cool to be painting a very different motif .. gothic western is a huge difference from the 40K world 8)

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