Friday, May 23, 2014

I think my head is on fire..

I'm pretty close to having a Death Marshal done, For this guy I'll probably have him directly on the base and not on the coffin or have it on his back. I think that would make him crazy wide and I also think it will be cool to mix them up so they don't all have the pine box out and ready..
 The pictures of the Death Marshals have them with a blue white flame but I wanted them to go with more of a green/yellow look. I'll probably add some more highlights to the end of the flames maybe even add in some white tips but now sure.. liking it right now.. 8) I added a little green glow to his chest, arms and legs.. figured having a burning, glowing head would give off some light. Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry .. the camera kept focusing low and to the right..
 The cloak will need a little more blending on the edges and highlights but otherwise pretty close to complete.
 I'm also getting closer on The Judge.. I haven't painted this much leather in awhile haha.. but it's cool and I'm trying to mix and match the colors to make him more interesting. He's got most of the base colors on and blended so now it will be more of getting all the detailing added..  I really wish I would have not glued his head on ..
 I started on some NMM on the sword blade and will have to go back into the hilt for gold. Overall I think he's coming along nicely..
A couple of my friends are going to pick up a crew and we'll be trying to play a few demo/walk through games soon. I have a few cool ideas for some buildings I want to make as well. I swear.. I don't need another large project to get me more busy.. 8) .. but that of course won't stop me.

And 40K 7th will be out tomorrow.. from all I'm hearing now it is more like 6.5 with a Psychic Phase. I was really hoping for more since I bought that Limited Edition 6th Rulebook less then two years ago. After I pick it up and give it a full read though I'll post up some thoughts..  Lately that's all that's been going around the blogosphere so I've been trying not to really even mention it. But since it is here I'll put my thoughts up there.. last year the new Eldar book came out right before Nova and now this year it will be the Rulebook..