Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sharpen your brushes..

I mentioned last week that I was thinking about entering some mini's in the Jump Master's Challenge being held at Dropzone Games in June. Sean from sent me a link for it thinking I'd be interested and I am! I don't think I'm the most bestest or that I'd be the winner but I think it's a good opportunity to:
1) See some really cool models.
2) Talk to other painters and exchange ideas.
3) Show off some of the work you've done. You spend hours on your minis why not show them off.

To me that's one of the best experiences about our hobby. That is why I'm going back to Nova this year, it's nice to get comments on your work and gives you motivation to get better at it. Typically I paint high tabletop in my opinion. Some of my models I will go above and beyond so I feel I'll at least have some decent stuff to enter.

The categories I'll be entering are:
Single Mini - Sci-Fi
 For this I'll be entering my converted Farseer. I was originally hoping to get him done for Games Day 2012 but it didn't happen so he was finished up and placeed on the shelf .. I did a lot of work getting him ready but there is still more I can do. I'm going to touch up some areas that annoy me and redo most of the gems getting them to look very clean. I'll also work on his metallics and redo the blade of his Singing Spear. It looks ok but I want it to really stand out. After working on the 1K Son Lib's halberd I have a few cool ideas 8) Last night I sprayed up the display pedestal thing I picked up awhile back from Secret Weapon.

Squad - Sci-Fi
I think I'll bring the Dusk Wolves for the squad. I've been working on them for awhile and figure this could be a cool group. I'll have to make up a display base for them, something to tie the squad all together. I think it could be a cool group to use for the squad.

Vehicle/War Machine/Monster - Sci-Fi
I'm going to go with the Wraithknight for this one .. I put a ton of time into it and with the all work I put into base I think it has that little extra bit added to it. I was originally going to be done and done with him but now I might add a few more little details I was thinking of adding but decided to hold off. haha

This isn't for sure.I might enter the Revenant but I think he still needs some love. If I have the time and I'm happy with him I'll enter him!

I'll probably add a few more details to this as well. I'm pretty happy with it but there's some finishing that I never got around to like the top and a little more rubbish. I'd also like to do something with the bottom boarder.

I wasn't really thinking about it but most of my entries will be Eldar.. which isn't really a surprise but I was thinking it was going to be more diverse. I'd like to work something Blood Angel in there but I wouldn't really have the time I don't think. I might pick up a cool Fantasy model though .. maybe I'll try to paint one up for it but who knows what I'd even paint haha... I started getting rid of my Dark Elves and don't know which I'd pick if I went that route. I do like the Wood Elf Waywatcher Lord with bow but it appears they are out of stock and I don't know if they are even made anymore. I checked eBay but not looking to pay $50 for it!

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