Friday, May 2, 2014

I like you.. I'll shoot you last

 With the new Guard Codex out it got me in the mood to paint some of my Death Corps.. Not that I don't have enough things going on but the other day I thought it would be nice to get some done. I bought these guys awhile back but never finished painting them up.. or start them really ..  the DCoK are by far my favorite IG force. There's just something really creepy about a dude in a gas mask... 8)
 I figured the Commisar would be a good one to get done so he was the first model I grabbed and then though hey a squad of guys should also be done.. soooooo..

 I painted the melta guy when I got them just to get the colors down for them and I did like them so that's what I'll be sticking with. Grey clocks with a red interior .. most will have grey cloaks and standard brown leather.. they don't need a ton of specialness..  they are 1 in One Hundred Billion.. how special can they be. 8) I think I'll try to get the guard out there soon so I can really see what they can do.. So far the books looks pretty good to me so I want to test it out ..

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