Monday, May 19, 2014

Respect and Honor

This weekend was the second round of the Escalation League I'm running at the LGS (Chucks Comics). I figured I'd make up a Guard list to try if I needed to step in. It's been awhile since I've played them and I really should have read the new book a little better haha.. but I'll get into that later.

For the Event and the Guard I wanted to get some work done on a Vendetta I had built up. I started adding some details to the model such as the 134th's symbol and numbers. I added the bands, the cockpit glow and the main thing I want to look cool when finished is the nose art. Back in WWII they would paint a Pin Up on the nose of an airplane. My Grandfather was in the Army Air-force and I have a few of the pictures of him from the war. One was a plane he worked on ..
I thought it would be cool to paint the girl on one of my Vendettas. So I started getting it on there, right now it's only three colors and the outline but it's coming along.

I need to go back in and add all the shading and details but it's off to a cool start 8) Figured it would be cool nod of respect to my GrandDad.. 8) I wish I would have put her on the other side though, this side has three armor panels on it that is making it tough to be smooth but I didn't want it to look like she was taking a LasCannon to the face (other side).

I need to detail more of the ship as well.. the engines, the cockpit and other parts here and there. But it's not bad for about 4 hours of quick work on the Friday night before the event 8)

I also quickly wiped up the base, adding an armor plate, tow line and a Ork Bomb.

The Event went well but being busy again I only took one pic and it wasn't on a board I had painted up so no new pictures of them haha(sorry Dave). I played Tim and he rolled off to see if he'd play my Guard or Eldar. He got the Guard and it was Guard against Guard though the armies were completely different. It was a great game that went back and forth! Sadly for me I didn't read the new codex enough to realize a Lord Commisar doesn't issue orders 8( .. that hurt.

His unit of the game I'd say was the Turox Prime and it's passengers. I couldn't kill that thing or them, I put so much fire into it but it wouldn't die, I eventually did stop it but sadly couldn't make it explode and he piled out hiding behind it. More firepower into the Scions and couldn't kill them. The scatter die wasn't my friend this game and The Eradicator nor Wyverns did very much. The game was going back and forth but in Tim's 4th turn he changed it for good, he had a great shooting round and pop'd my Russ, Chimera and took out the rest of one Vet Squad. The game was points in table quarters and with those units going down I didn't think I was going to be able to pull it off, turn 5 the game ended and it ensured I wasn't going to be able to do it. It was a great and hectic game against a good player so the lose was still a win. The units we thought were going to be the  real stars didn't seem to shine but the unexpected stood out! I'm going to reread the codex and need to brush up on my Guard skills. 8)

My played John's Chaos Space Marines later with my Eldar and they had a good game giving me the win. But again was a fun game! Sadly I had been up since 5am and was completely out of steam. We went out for dinner at the Diner but I was falling out quick. I ate and then went home crashing out immediately haha.. Was a long day but was a good one, I got to pick up a bunch of Dar and some BA from a collection someone sold at the store .. I got a good deal but I'll talk about that tomorrow most likely.

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